The Pacific family has been sheltering people from the elements in one fashion or another for over a century. In the early going we specialized in making tents and sleeping bags – tough, basic, practical gear for the true outdoorsman, the miner, the cattleman. What these hardy types wanted was no-nonsense gear, something well-made, useful, long-wearing. Something comfortable, trouble-free and reliable. It was during those early days that we began double-stiching every stress seam, bar-taking every pocket and using only brass grommets on every hole. Tastes, technology, and time have certainly come a long way since the years of heavy-gauge duck-canvas tents. But you know what? You’ll still find those telltale signs of quality in all of our gear. It is simple. We believe in clean and functional design, and in thorough workmanship. Our products must prove themselves – to us, to our customers, to the outdoors. That is how it was in 1895, that is how it is today. That is why Ascente is that good.
Pacific / Ascente


A tradition of quality, functionality, practicality
  • US Made
  • In-house Development
  • Family Tradition

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